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Product classification

  • Aluminum Extrusion Profile Protective Film

  • Floor /vitrolite Protective Film

  • Aluminum Panel Protective Film

  • Glass Protection Film

  • Color Steel Plate Protective Film

  • Carpet Protective Film

  • Aluminum composite Panel Protective Film

  • Stainless Steel Sheet Protective Film
About us

  Changzhou Yuexin Package Material Co., Ltd ,founded in 1999, specializes in the development & production of plastic film, protection film and adhesive film for years. Our company is located at Jintan District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. It is east to Shanghai and west to Nanjing.
  Changzhou Yuexin Package Material Co., Ltd is a social-welfare entity enterprise, which makes contribution to solving employment problem of more disabled persons while adhering to the development idea of “Science and technology are the primary productive force”. It is committed to develop and produce various packing protective films with multiple advanced production film blowing production lines, printing and coating at home and abroad.Its annual output of protective film is up to 100,000,000 square meters and one of self-adhesive film is 1000 tons. In order to ensure high quality products, we use high quality chemistry and industry materials, and have set up a strict quality guarantee system and many service networks. We have also obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate and SGS certificate.
  The protective film produced by the company is mainly used in surface protection of home appliance plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, cabinet panel, plastic profile, aluminum alloy door and window, glass, acrylic, marble, plastic steel, floorboard, carpet, titanium alloy, UV decorative laminate, door plank, glass fiber, PET composite etc.
  Changzhou Yuexin Package Material Co., Ltd always concentrates on providing high-quality, competitive prices and first-class service for new and old customers in China and Worldwide. Our products are sold to Europe, America, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Looking forward to cooperate with more and more friends to create a better future!

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